DFU programmation with openmvide

Dear All,

I tried to program the cam H7 in dfu mode with openmvide V2.2 without success, and I could do it with stm32cubeprogrammer V2.1.0 in dfu mode.
Do you know why it does not work anymore with openmvide ?

I join you an image with stm32cubeprogrammer.


We use ST’s DFU tool in windows. What’s the error exactly?

The programmation window appears and does nothing more than 5min.
I just installed the last stm32cubeprogrammer V2.1.0 in place of V1.1.0, i dont know if the driver has changed ?

I tried with UART3 boot mode and stm32cubeprogrammer but without success.
Have you already done it with uart boot mode ?


No, I always bootload using the USB port. I use the ST DFU tool.

It works now with the last stm32cubeprogrammer V2.2 at 115200bauds.