DF12 MT9V034 vs board Schematics Mismatch

I have a custom board made with openmv h7 plus electronics on part of it and I am having issues to connect to the OpenMV Global shutter board already on Init.

When looking to how the DF12 connector is wired up I notice some mismatch.

Board schematics: PIN 7 and 9 are NC vs Camera DCMI 1 and 0
Board schematics: PIN 29 and 31 DCMI 1 and 0 vs Camera DCMI 3 and 2
and many more on the other side of the connector.

I presume (hoping) both schematics are ok but there is a naming mismatch and you don’t need to use all the signals from the MT9V034 board that go to the DF12 connector?

See attachments.


There’s no error or mismatch, we just don’t use the lower bits.

Thanks. I thought I might have needed more connection to the DF12 on the board. Most likely I have to tune the oscillator caps.