Determine square wire sizes


Our project is about capturing different squares and measuring the size or just one side.
Unfortunately I am not familiar with openmv and would need some help.
I would be very happy about ideas and help.


Have you seen the find rectangle command under examples → feature detection? Also, try out find line segments under that sample example folder.

Hi there,
yes I tried it, but the problem is that it finds a lot of rectangles and not just our rectangle

Yes, you have to filter the output. That’s entirely up to you in regular python code and by tuning the threshold argument of find_rect.

Our computer vision code just gives you the image->objects extraction. You then have to write a lot of code to throw away what you don’t want. No way around this part.

Each rect is an object with methods to get access to it’s x/y/w/h, etc. So, then you have to do something with that