Detecting multiple moving objects using Arduino Nicla Vision

This code is written to detect the moving object in certain color range. I am planning to detect multiple objects instead of one object. Which part can I modify to achieve this? I tried to loop through all the blobs detected and process one by one but the result come out show that still only one blob detected.

#The code can detect one moving object
#When the object stays stationary, no rectangle will be drawn
#When the object is moving toward the camera, a rectangle will be drawn on detected object.
#The speed and distance of detected object will be shown above the rectangle.
#When the object is not moving toward the camera, the object will be ignored.

import sensor, image, time
from machine import I2C
from vl53l1x import VL53L1X


min_blob_size = 50  # Minimum size of blob to detect
fps = 60  # Frame per second
blob_areas = []  # List to store the previous blob areas
distances = []  # List to store the previous distances

# Define the physical size of a pixel in meters
pixel_size_m = 0.0001  # replace with the actual value for your camera

# Define the maximum and minimum distances to detect objects
max_distance = 10.0  # in meters
min_distance = 0.1  # in meters

# Define the distance sensor
tof = VL53L1X(I2C(2))

prev_distance_m = None
prev_time = None

while True:
    img = sensor.snapshot()
    blobs = img.find_blobs([(0,50),(175, 225)], area_threshold=min_blob_size)

    for blob in blobs:
        # Compute the distance of the blob from the camera
        distance_cm = / 10  # Convert from mm to cm
        distance_m = distance_cm / 100  # Convert from cm to m

        # Compute the displacement of the object
        if prev_distance_m is not None and prev_time is not None:
            displacement_m = prev_distance_m - distance_m
            time_elapsed = time.ticks_diff(time.ticks_ms(), prev_time) / 1000  # Convert to seconds
            if time_elapsed > 0:
                speed_mps = displacement_m / time_elapsed
                speed_mps = 0.0

            # Show the speed above the blob if the speed is above 0.1 m/s
            if speed_mps > 0.1:
                img.draw_string(blob.x(), blob.y() - 20, "Speed: %.2f m/s" % speed_mps)

                # Determine the color for the distance range
                if distance_m < min_distance:
                    color = (255, 0, 0)  # red
                    warning = True
                    color = (0, 255, 0)  # green
                    warning = False

                # Draw a rectangle around the blob with the appropriate color if the speed is above 0.1 m/s
                img.draw_rectangle(blob.rect(), color=color)

                # Show the distance above the blob if the speed is above 0.1 m/s
                if warning:
                    img.draw_string(blob.x(), blob.y() - 40, "WARNING: Too close!")
                img.draw_string(blob.x(), blob.y() - 60, "Distance: %.2f m" % distance_m)

        # Store the current distance and time for the next iteration
        prev_distance_m = distance_m
        prev_time = time.ticks_ms()

        # Add the current blob area to the list

        # Remove the oldest blob area and distance if the list is too long
        if len(blob_areas) > 10:
        if len(distances) > 10:

    # Wait for the next frame
    time.sleep(1.0 / fps)

Hi, please don’t post all your code and ask us to debug it in full for you. Please ask a specific question about a particular thing in your code that you are having trouble understanding.