Deploying the project

Hi sir,
I have a question related to the deployment topic, how can I deploy my image classification project as a standalone operation or autonomous operation, while I am using porenta h7 and portenta vision shield, while I am using openmv to test my model, do i have to create firmware in Arduino ide, and then deploy it in bootloader mode. can you provide any helpful material about this topic too, will be really grateful for any guidance.
Thank you.

Hi, you don’t need to use Arduino IDE. Once you put the board into OpenMV Cma mode you just use our tooling.

that will be really helpful, but portenta works in c++ and vision shied and openmv works in micro python, sir can you guide on this topic, that how can i put my board in openmv cma mode?

Hi, Arduino explains this on their website. Also, if you connect to our IDE witht he board we’ll flash our firmware on it.

We do not let you write C/C++ code… nor would you want to. Dealing with the complexity of objects and memory deallocation and etc. versus using python.

so i just have to write my firmware on openmv and have to upload the file in
tools->Run Bootloader(Load Firmware)?

on arduino website they have provided majority of tutorials related with arduino ide.
yes sir, i don’t wanna deal with c++…either,

Hi, when you connect to the Portenta the IDE will update the firmware. You don’t need to load a custom file. The IDE handles this.

sir, can i upload my image classification firmware to portenta h7, connected with portneta vision shield so my system can run as a stand-alone application by just providing external power through the battery.

Yes, you are asking questions that are part of the product documentation.