Connecting the RT1062 to the Arduino giga via UART/Serial

I’m currently trying to connect the OpenMV RT1062 to the Arduino Giga R1.
Unfortunately, I can’t get it to work. I have tried sending a message form the cam to the Giga via UART but have failed.
Does anyone have an example script so I can test if the problem is hardware or Software related. (Since there isn’t much documentation of the Can nore the Arduino jet)
It would be great if you could send me the OpenMv and Arduino code.

Hi, you should be able to use our interface library via the UART datalink to make the two devices communicate. I’ve verified that this works between STM32 based boards and the IMX MCUs (RT1062).

I do not recommend rolling your own Comms interface unless you know what you are doing as it’s actually challenging to code.

Thank you for your quick response,
I’m kinda new to UART do you have an example on what the code (Arduino / Cam) could look like.
I have tried to send a single number to the Arduino, unfortunately nothing gets detected on the Arduino side.
I have hooked it up like this: GRD->GRD, RX(Cam) → TX1(A), TX(Cam) → RX1(A)

import time
from machine import UART

uart = UART(1, baudrate=9600)

while True:

Hi, give this a try:

import time
from machine import UART

# Always pass UART 1 for the UART number for your OpenMV Cam.
# The second argument is the UART baud rate. For a more advanced UART control
# example see the BLE-Shield driver.
uart = UART(1, 9600, timeout=1000, timeout_char=1000)

    uart.write("Hello World!\r\n")
    l = uart.readline()

I know this works on the OpenMV Cam side of things.

Also, don’t use the 9600 baud rate. It’s really quite slow. Use 115200.

Hi, so I have been debugging for the last hour and everything seams to be working now.
Thank you so much for your support, I just wanted to mention how blowen away I was getting a response that quickly. I could have never thought how community based this company is.
I am obsessed with your products and will be working with them a lot.
Thank you.

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I’m full-time now on OpenMV. So, instant response (until we get too popular).