Clockspeed of Nicla Vision used with OpenMV

I wanted to confirm the clock speed used by the OpenMV firmware for Arduino Nicla VIsion.
I found inside the openmv repo here( that the used is around 12MHz, though M7 and M4 can go up to 480 and 240MHz, respectively. Could you please confirm if my understanding is correct?

This is the initial image-sensor clock, some sensors override it, others have internal PLL settings that double/divide it, so that number doesn’t mean much. The core clock for the Nicla/Portenta is 400MHz or 480MHz

so if i want to just list down the specifications of Nicla Compute, I can use the 400MHz number right?
btw, for my research, I am using the camera sensor and microphone sensor. So it is fine, right?

Yes it’s currently configured to run at 400MHz, it can run at 480MHz if needed.