Camera power on after board power on

ohh that’s great.but still, my project is based on the elder version.Is your suggestion in the beginning would work?Thank you very much for all of your reply.

Schematic of what you are doing would be helpful for me to tell you what to do.

CONTROL is connect to PB12 ‘P3’,when control pull down PMOS BLM3401 conduct and camera power up.

Okay, so, you have a custom board. This helps. You have to edit the firmware then to delay the camera poll.

See the main.c file in our SRC/omv/ports/stm32 directory.

Also, if you are editing our hardware it’s expected you know what you are doing… and are comfortable editing the firmware.

thanks,that really helps a lot.By the way can you please tell me how to set a specific pin to a pull-up output in .c flie.or which file should I read .

Hi Kwagyeman:
I have so much trouble editing the firmware and building it.To make matters worse, this project is urgent right now and I am not available to look into the source code for a long time.I am asking is this possible for you to help me editing the firmware and building it?I am willing to pay for the help since it is a excessive demands.Thank you for all your assistance.

Sent you a PM.