blob region

Hi there,

i was wondering if it is possible to use an area of a blob as region of another blob.
I don’t mean the rectangle that outputs but the exact area of a blob so to find blobs of other color inside it.

Hi, do you have an example image where just calling find_blobs() again on the roi of the previously found blob doesn’t give you what you need followed by some filtering?

hi friend!

i will manage to do some filtering to get my result for sure.

in this picture i want to count only the white blobs inside the big black circle blob for example.

can i use other regions except the rectangle?

Just check if the little blobs rect intersects with the big blobs circle.

If you want a more general answer for any object… then I don’t think we can do that as find_blobs() doesn’t keep the contour of the blob for memory reasons.

Thank you …