black_hat with non symmetric kernel

Hi, Is it possible to use the image.black_hat(size[, threshold[, mask=None]]), but use a rectangle sized kernel?

No, we just support square kernels. You can however control what is in the kernel with morph() and make sure own special kernel that gets thresholded.

I know about the morph function, that is great I’m already using it.
but how hard will it be to accomplish something like black_hat & close with a rectangular matrix?

It’s not hard to do. But, I don’t have the time to modify the API for this. If you want to do it please send a PR for the C code edits. Right now the code just does a square.

Thanks, I’ll try.

Do you think it would be possible to achieve it with the ulab libary?

Yeah, probably. I don’t know how that code works however. We were just asked to include it.