Baud rate

Hello! I have my arduino connected to the camera. They communicate through UART.

With a baud rate of 9600, the communication works just fine. But I need to increase the baud rate to 115200.

When I do that, the communication doesn’t work anymore. Is there a way, to change the baud rate for the camera? Or does it only work with 9600 baud rate?

Thank you for your help,

No it should work with any baud rate, do you also change the baud rate on the Arduino ?

Yes, I did. In the setup, I set all baud Rates to 115200. Do i have to change it somewhere in the openmv code as well? Or does it do that automatically?

Yes you have to set the baud rate in the code:

uart = UART(3, 115200, timeout_char=1000)