Are there any libraries available for C#?

I want to get barcode value or image from c# Winform not IDE.

Is there any dll or example code that can be used in C#?

You just open a serial port and read what the camera is sending: GitHub - openmv/openmv: OpenMV Camera Module

I ran the example code “”. There was a problem with broken strings during communication. Even after checking the baudrate several times, the string is broken. Is there any workaround?

Need to update that example:

# UART Control
# This example shows how to use the serial port on your OpenMV Cam. Attach pin
# P4 to the serial input of a serial LCD screen to see "Hello World!" printed
# on the serial LCD display.

import time
from pyb import UART

# Always pass UART 3 for the UART number for your OpenMV Cam.
# The second argument is the UART baud rate. For a more advanced UART control
# example see the BLE-Shield driver.
uart = UART(3, 19200, timeout_char=1000)

    uart.write("Hello World!\r")

Make sure to pass the timeout_char argument as the UART driver tosses characters if they take too long by default.

I’ve tried that and it still doesn’t work. I am using it by connecting it directly to pin 4 and pin 5 of the h7-plus. Or is the UART-USB Shield in singtown a must?

Wait, sorry, I thought you were talking to the PC.

If so, you literally just print() a value. It will appear to whatever program opens the OpenMV Cam COM port.

The above code is for getting serial data from the I/O pins which is meant for hardware devices.

I am following the link below.

The difference with the video is that I do not have the UART-USB Shield.

I connected pin 4, pin 5 and ground directly to the rs232 cable.

SingTown Serialport program displays broken string instead of “Hello World”.

I changed laptops and cables. But it didn’t work out.

I don’t know how to solve

You need an RS232 converter. The pins output TTL serial. It’s inverted and at the wrong voltage level to connect directly to a PCs RS232 port.

The above mentioned (currently used) rs232 cable means “usb to rs232 cable” + “D-Sub connector”. Do I need a converter other than this one?

Yeah, you want USB to TTL. It’s actually cheaper than full RS232.

Note, you might have damaged your camera by connecting the RS232 signals to the OpenMV Cam directly…. RS232 is like -6V to 6V which is beyond the absolute max specs on the chip.