About the shipping method

Hi guys,

I love openmv and love this project!
So i bought an openmv board and paid the fastest shipping method, because i want this so badly!

But, its already one week passed and my stuff still stuck at chicaco usps facility.It should be arrived within 3-5days which promised.

I suggest you guys change to the shipping period on the shop or by using DHL etc for the others who wants to get the boards really quickly.

I am still waiting for my board and i will update this thread when i got one.

Hi, USPS is usually very fast. Sorry about them being slow. I don’t know why they would be.

That said, it’s actually very difficult to use any other carrier than USPS. They are the only integrated option offered by Shopify. For other carriers we have to create a business account with them…

Anyway, let me know when you get the board. Also, please install the development environment. The firmware is still in alpha (the firmware that comes on the board is bad, when you upgrade to the latest firmware things will be quite stable).


Thank you for the reply.

I just ask Japan Post and they told me there is some problem at US custom.
Could you guys ask the details for me?

I cant email USPS for further details because they needed the sender details.

I’ve emailed MacroFab to get to the bottom of this.

Alright, MacroFab will talk with their USPS rep to see what’s going on.

These issues happen on a case by case basis. It’s difficult to know exactly what the problem is. But, most of our international orders do not get held for in customs.

Thank you for the help!

I PM you the further details!