8bit grayscale image is encoded to jpg or not when transmit to IDE?

when use camera such as MT9V034,camera output data is 8bit grayscale image.when openmv transfer the grayscale image to openmv IDE to show ,openmv first decode the 8bit grayscale image to jpeg format and then to transfer through USB VCP?

Yes, we send jpeg images to the PC.

Can send 8bit grayscale image to PC?

You’d need to write code to manually send that data from the image object. It’s not hard.

How much speed USB VCP to IDE?And how much speed WIFI debug to IDE?

USB debug is 12 Mbs and stable.

In case of MT9V034(640×480×8).The speed USB VCP to IDE is 12×1024×1024/ ( 640×480×8 ) = 5.12 FPS?

Yeah, that’s why we jpeg compress images on the camera fore sending them over USB.

Jpeg is about 1 bit per pixel. So, 38,400 bytes.

640×480+Jpeg format code=38,400? Jpeg encode is so strong?

How does the JPEG compression work?.

I want to know the compression ratio of the JPEG-Compression and the consumption of calculation。 Especially YUV image compared to 8bit grayscale image。
1、Jpeg is about 1 bit per pixels,so estimate VGA jpeg file size is 640×480+Jpeg format code?
2、VGA 422YUV image Y(640×480), U (320×240)?, V (320×240)?, VGA 8bit grayscale image only Y (640×480), So DCT、Quantization、Reorder and variable length encoding calculate consumption,VGA 422YUV image is estimate 1.5 times to VGA 8bit grayscale image?

JPEG is roughly 1bit per pixel. The exact compression depends on the quality. You can get very small jpeg images if you don’t mind them looking absolutely terrible.

OK, I will test!