Wlan dhcp_hostname

I notice that the hostname of the portenta is PYBD
I try to print it by using :
I then have the following error : "Value error: Unknown config parameter

Is the parameter ‘dhcp_hostname’ has been port
According to wlan doc you can use
``WLAN. config ( *param=value* , *...* )
According to micropython doc
dhcp_hostname : The DHCP hostname to use

Did you ever manage to change the dhcp_hostname on a portenta board ?


That config parameter is not implemented in the CYW43 driver. The documentation is very clear about this:

Following are commonly supported parameters (availability of a specific parameter depends on network technology type, driver, and MicroPython port).

Feel free to open a github issue and request this, I may be able to implement it and send it upstream later.

Hi thanks for your reply.
So there is no way to change the name PYDB that appear on the network. If i have multiple device they would have all the same name?
Not very practical in network point of view.

Not that I know of right now no.

We’re only using MicroPython’s drivers, you should ask them to add it: