What is the sensor.set_auto_exposure maxium value?

1)what is the sensor.set_auto_exposure maxium value?
2) How long does openmv4 h7 plus last normally? i means it works normally continuous。several hours or several days?

  1. Never measured it. Technically, if you want to modify the PLLs on chip one user for it into the 10 second range. Google OpenMV Cam star tracker.

  2. Unless there’s a bug in the code the system shouldn’t stop working.

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Please share this project… It sounds interested.
Star tracking with openmv will be insane…

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thank you 。i wonder if the ISO of openmv5 camera could be adjust in future.
for the second question ,i worry about the quantity of heat during camera works,
i heard that the heat of camera is very large, i worry the Heat has a negative impact on the camera when it works for a long time. so i want to know that accurate time value。

Yeah, long exposures have a ton of shot noise. Heat affects this.