What is the best method to sleep for 300 seconds ?

What is the recommendation for putting my device (I have an M4) into as low power state as possible for 300 seconds and then waking up to take a snapshot, then going back to low power state and repeating the cycle? How low can the current go while still having a timer running?

See the low-power scripts in the IDE. Note the M4 may be falling behind on updates, I would recommend upgrading to the F7 or H7.

Thank you. That was very helpful. The examples are well documented

On the topic of new cameras, I noticed that the h7 plus features a 5MP camera. Will it support capturing and saving a 5MP snapshot or will I have to subset the frame in order to save to the SD card?

We support saving 5MP images to the SD card. You can also run our algorithms on the 5MP image (will be very slow however).