What happens if the H7+ loses power while saving image data? (Data Integrity)

I have a few questions about power and data integrity. I’ve tried to find documentation and forum posts on it to no conclusive effect.

I’m working on a project and I’m wondering what will happen if the H7+ board suddenly loses power while a script is running and it’s saving image data? For example, maybe a battery runs out or someone unplugs the USB cable by mistake. To my knowledge, some devices don’t have any major issues, and some are bricked for good.

I’d like to avoid losing data, but I also don’t want to pull the plug on my only board just to test what can/will happen, especially if it’s already known.

Is there a difference if I’m using save() or ImageIO?

Hi, when writing to the internal flash you could corrupt it. The file system is FAT so it does not have a log journal. As such power loss during a data write is very bad. Similar, for the external disk that’s also FAT.

Regarding corrupting the firmware, this should not be possible. The erase sectors we use for the disk to not align with the firmware sectors. So, you should be able to brick the camera if there’s a power failure.