wakeup by external interrupt from deepsleep

For OpenMV, is it possible to wake up the system from the deepsleep or standby mode, using the external trigger.

extint = pyb.ExtInt(“P0”, pyb.ExtInt.IRQ_RISING, pyb.Pin.PULL_NONE, whatever)

I tried a few times, it seems that the external trigger does not wake the system up.

While etc could wake it up, as stated in the library.


Try http://docs.openmv.io/library/machine.html?highlight=sleep#machine.sleep. Deep sleep can only be woken up by the RTC.

Hi Kwabena,

Is still wake up from deepsleep() using EXT interrupt not supported ? It would be of great help to use the very-lowpower deepsleep mode and wake up for an event using an Arduino EXT Trigger.

  • Althaf

It’s possible to wake-up from stop mode (machine.sleep()) with extint, see the example: