Using svd function in OpenMV IDE

I’m trying to use the svd function to solve a system of equations using OpenMV IDE, but it seems that the ulab library doesn’t include this function.
U, S, Vh = np.linalg.svd(A)
I’m getting the following error. Is there any other function that I can use?

Thank you so much

You could request it from ulab devs, it seems to be in the works anyway: [FEATURE REQUEST] `linalg.eig` for asymmetric matrices (and SVD?) · Issue #363 · v923z/micropython-ulab · GitHub

Once it’s implemented I can update our ulab fork.

Hi, I’ve checked the forum and it seems that it is being implemented. Should I be able to use it now?

Thank you so much,

Uh, no, there’s just a discussion about adding the feature at the moment.

Hi, is there any way of solving a system of 7 equations in OpenMV IDE? I will need it to calculate the homography matrix.

Thank you so much

Hi, right now no. But, I started a conversation with the ulab developer on adding these features to their library. I don’t have an ETA on when this will all be done.

If you are comfortable editing the firmware we do have this functionality inside of the AprilTag code which you can reuse to give you the ability to do this.