Using OpenMV to control Submersible

Good day everyone, i am currently a year 3 Uni student who is working on a project where i attempt to use OpenMV to identify Apriltag for autonomous docking of a submersible mobile. With 0 prior knowledge to programming or coding, can i check with anyone if this is a feasible idea or are there any more hardware required to achieve this objective?
Approach of this idea:

  1. Code a python script into openMV for the remote control of thrusters, 2 thrusters for vertical movement, 2 thrusters for horizontal movement
  2. Upon detection of an april tag, remote control will be ceased where submersible will perform auto docking
  3. Using apriltag identifier with relation to dimension-distance of apriltag to achieve objective in #2

Any feedbacks will be welcomed as i will proceed with active research in this current project. Many thanks!!

Yeah, this is possible and not that hard. Um, the bigger issue is that’s it’s quite hard to see underwater. How deep are you going and how to you plan to deal with image distortion from the water?

For the first step to take, I have considered using a water tank instead of deploying it in the swimming. I had a discussion with one of my colleague yesterday and he said that it will be quite hard for the OpenMV to drive the thruster which might require 12-24V. As far as i know, it should operate within the range of 3V right? In that case, only a small motor can be used. Therefore, I suppose that the distortion of the water will not be a large impact since it might only be a depth of around 15-20cm. Do u have any advise on what i can read up on, in order for me to understand what function of this computer vision i can utilize, to perform the auto-homing of my vessel model?
Ps: I have no prior knowledge to any coding or program of such depth :cry: