Unable to run Tensorflow image classification example


I am trying to run the mobilenet example Examples > Machine Learning > Tensorflow > tf_image_classification.py on a H7 Plus

No matter which of the provided tflite files I try and use I get an error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 57, in
OSError: tensorflow/lite/micro/kernels/softmax_common.cc:78 input->type != kTfLiteFloat32 (UINT8 != FLOAT32)
Node SOFTMAX (number 65f) failed to prepare with status 1
AllocateTensors() failed!

How can I make this work?


Hi, we basically have dropped support for that model as it’s not really useful for anything. We should remove the example.

Cheers fella… just wanted something to play with when I first got the camera, setup with Edge Impulse now…


There’s a built-in FOMO face detector, that should be working.

Hmmm…I’m (still) getting the same error, nearly a year later (with most recent IDE).

Yeah, we aren’t supporting mobilenet. We’re pretty much tied to whatever edge impulse is supporting.