Transferring Files

I am trying to transfer files to the board using ampy File Operations | MicroPython Basics: Load Files & Run Code | Adafruit Learning System

From the file directory I am doing the following:

ampy --port COM5 put

and I get this error message:

b’OK\r\nraw REPL; CTRL-B to exit\r\n>’
Traceback (most recent call last):

raise PyboardError(‘could not enter raw repl’)
ampy.pyboard.PyboardError: could not enter raw repl

On researching the problem, some suggestions may be that the COM port might be busy … I am wondering if it is because I have a file that is autoexecuting on power-up?

Any recommendations on how to transfer files? I am trying to install the adafruit micropython drivers for the PCA9685 -

The USB flash drive can be accessed using the regular file browser. Just drag and drop all files onto the device using whatever OS’s file browser you have. The internal flash (or USD card) should appear as a flash drive.