To find defects in the rubber ring / gasket

We make the components A and B as shown in figures 1 and 4.
Our quality inspection found 2 defects in each component, i.e “no cut” and “non-uniform width” as shown in Figures 2, 3 and 5 (no photos for no cut defect in component B).
Can you advise how to use OpenMV to find these defects?
Thank you.

Hi, assuming you line up the part and the camera perfectly and provide really great even lighting then this isn’t so hard.

To determine if you see the hole or not you can just call get_stats() on a region of interest where the hole should be and you’ll either get stats about the table the part is on or the part itself. You then just threshold on the value and you’re good.

As for the size of the part… You can use find_circles() to find the center of the circular area. If it’s not where you expect it to be then the part is not perfect. You should compare the center points of the inner and outer diameter.

Thank you very much for your guidance.
I will try it.