TF.classify Error Extra Positional Arguments

These code lines with tfmodel.classify worked fine in firmware 4.3.3 and 4.4.0. After upgrading to 4.5.2 tfmodel.classify is generating a TypeError: extra positional arguments given.

blobs = img.find_blobs( [blob_threshold], roi = self.roi_eye, pixels_threshold=self.blob_pixels_num_min, merge=False)
for blob in blobs:
blob_roi = (int(round( - self.blobRectSize/2)), int(round( - self.blobRectSize/2)), self.blobRectSize, self.blobRectSize) # x,y,w,h
classification_result = self.tfmodel.classify(img, blob_roi)

Hi, we updated the arg parsing to use mp_arg_parse_all.

Pass roi=blob_roi.