Template matching problem?

I would like to ask how to use template matching to achieve multi-angle matching. If feature point matching is used, how to achieve as detailed a deflection angle as possible?

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I’m not sure how to answer your question, can you post more details ? I’ll leave your question open so maybe someone else can answer it.

Okay, I just want to ask if OpenMV can obtain the exact angle through feature point matching, instead of 15 degrees, 30 degrees… something like this.

No the angle is quantized in steps of 15 degrees (0, 15, 30, 45…) it’s how the algorithm works.

OK, thanks for your reply!

@iabdalkader Excuse you again, if I use template matching, is there any method to obtain the angle when an object does not have many template images? I have tried many methods but nothing works. Do you have any good suggestions?

No sorry, the template matching is very basic.

You can try to lower the angle step here if you want, but that will affect the accuracy https://github.com/openmv/openmv/blob/master/src/omv/imlib/orb.c#L359

OK, thanks for your reply!