SPI maximum message length

This is a pretty low-level question. I’m not sure anyone will know the answer, but is there an upper-limit on the length of a message sent over a single SPI transfer? I’m seeing dropouts and they appear to occur close to the very suspicious message length of 512 bytes. I’m not yet sure if the error is on the OpenMV’s sending side or the other device’s receiving side, so I’m inquiring with both relevant project owners.

Thank you.

Hi, there was a bug that capped the length at 64k but that has been fixed and it’s 2^32 bytes now. This is definitely fixed. It was discovered by a customer using a 320x240 LCD.

Hmmm, but even 64k is huge compared to the problem I’m having. Okay, I’ll assume it isn’t originating on the OpenMV side of the connection then. Thanks.