Something like chkdsk for SdCard in python ?

Hi all,

I hope everything is ok for all at this world around confinement period.

I use M7 with sdcard to record pictures and send them later through UART.
So i record files, send the name or data of theses files, then erase them.

As i still use openmvide to check python code, sdcard is sometimes corrupted.

I would like to know if there is a way in python to check and repare sdcard like chkdsk ?
I did not success to do it with os lib.


Hi, we’re okay thanks for asking…

No, MicroPython doesn’t format or repair the SD card. Only the flash is managed.

Ok, what a pity !

Have you an idea how compress files in tgz before sending thourgh uart ?

I found

… I am lost !

Jpg compression is already pretty high… what do you need to compress?

Maybe you can find an external compression module/library here:

It won’t be fast, but it should work.

Yes, i agree jpeg has good compression even with lost.
The idea was to do a big pack to send…