Show images of 2 cameras in OpenMV IDE

Is it possible to show two images (Nicla Vision Camera) in the OpenMV IDE? Both cameras are connected via USB 2.0. Showing one camera image is possible. I tried to open another terminal (serial port) but this doesn’t work.

Not in the IDE no, it only supports 1 camera connection at a time, and you can’t start 2 IDEs at the same time.

Thanks for your answer. Do you have an idea how i could get both images at the same time on the pc?

You could try modifying this:

With this module to capture and display the 2 framebuffers:

Actually, you can do this. Use the Open Terminal feature in the IDE. This allows you to open multiple IDE logger/frame buffer windows.

To display to the windows you need to add print(img.compressed_for_ide(), end=’’) in your code.

The Open Terminal feature is a micropython experience without our full USB DBG window.