RT1062 Cam Accelerometer example?


I wanted to use the accelerometer data using the OpenMV RT1062 Cam. Where can I find a basic example?


I found an example code in another post:

Though, the readings seem off for the Z-axis while resting on a plain surface.

+0.06x -0.04y -1.41z +86.49t
+0.07x -0.04y -1.42z +86.49t
+0.06x -0.04y -1.42z +86.49t
+0.07x -0.04y -1.42z +86.49t
+0.06x -0.03y -1.41z +86.49t
+0.06x -0.04y -1.41z +86.49t
+0.06x -0.05y -1.42z +86.49t

Yeah, it’s not really the highest quality module, but the price was very good.

You’ll need to calibrate it.

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