Roll back firmware (TFLite models break the script)

Does the new code in the latest two firmwares (4.1.1 and 4.1.2) break compatibility with TFLite models?

We had two routinely, fine-working TFLite models and now whenever I run them in the IDE the board disconnects and reconnects (no error message).

It’s the same with the example # TensorFlow Lite Mobilenet V1 Example script…

Urgent fix: how to roll back firmware?

Hi, yes, it appears I added a bug that crashes the camera. It will be fixed in the weekend. You can download the older firmware on GitHub releases. See our GitHub page.

Thanks @kwagyeman !

I donwloaded the old firmware from Releases · openmv/openmv · GitHub and installed it using Tools>Run Bootloader.
However, now my SD card cannot be read and the internal volume is not 32 MB but 131KB… I am not sure whether I pressed OK too soon after the process was finished (before it started blinking blue).

Maybe you uploaded the wrong firmware ? Make sure it matches your cam, also 4.1.1 should be working, the TF bug was introduced in 4.1.2. When reverting to old releases keep in mind that they will have their own bugs.

Thanks! I was a bit confused by the different names again, and previously took the openMV4 firmware.

Now I took the firmware.bin inside the 4.1.1 firmware’s openMV4P folder now, and I could restore the internal storage and detection of the SD card, the TFLite model execution also works again.

Firmware 4.1.4 fixed the bug