RJ45 / Relay hat

I designed a board hat that has 2 output relays, and an RJ45 jack.

The RJ45 brings:
5V supply to VIN
Ground to GND
RX Uart3
TX Uart3
Relay 1 common
Relay 1 Load
Relay 2 common
Relay 2 load

Because projects can get complex fast I added pin headers to select Relay 1 coil to be on Pin 2 or Pin 6 of the board and Relay 2 coil to be on Pin3 or Pin 7 of the board.

You can also select whether you want NO or NC contacts on the relay.

So you can break out Uart and a couple industrial control signals.

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Post design files and BOM?

@kwagyeman I’m deploying this next week I will post something after that. I’d like to do a write up on how this board integrates machine vision into a robotic arm and sends signal

Nice job. You may want to add text to the board, but at least in the docs that the relays should not be used for high voltages because of the track spacings. When people see relays they will often assume that they can switch mains voltage with high current capacities, which your RJ45 and your PCB may not like. This is especially true when they read the 250V 10A capability on top of the relays :slight_smile: Good luck with it.

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@gdburton Great suggestion, Thanks. I didn’t intend for my traces to become fuses thats for sure ! I will document that when I do my pinout.