Question for threshold in document

I read a piece of writing in the document of "image.find_blobs"function:"thresholds must be a list of tuples [(lo, hi), (lo, hi), …, (lo, hi)] defining the ranges of color you want to track. You may pass up to 16 threshold tuples in one image.find_blobs call. ",here “16” is an error? i am confused!

Each threshold tuple is 6 values for RGB565 and 2 values for GRAYSCALE. You can then have a list of up to 16 thresholds to segment the image by. Find blobs will then return a list of blobs which includes blobs from all passed thresholds.


threshold0 = [125, 125, 125, 125, 125, 125]
threshold1 = [130, 130, 130, 130, 130, 130]

threshold15 = [230, 230, 230, 230, 230, 230]

list_of_thresholds = [threshold0, threshold1, …, threshold15]


Thanks! Gotcha that!
I notice that there is a new function “image.finc_blobs”,but i can’t find any definition information in the doc,could you please tell me the prototype of this function?
Thanks again!


That would be an error. There’s only a find_blobs function. Where’s that error?

Thanks for your reply
I found this error at!