problems of OpenMV4Plus SDRAM

Hi! I made openmv4plus according to your design on GitHub. It works properly. I can see that SDRAM plays a role in some programs. But there are still many functions I want that I can’t use SDRAM。Such as’ image.copy '. Keeping a few images will prompt that run out of memory. Will SDRAM support all functions in the future?

You have to use extra frame buffers. Please use the alloc_extra_fb() command to make another frame buffer and then use copy with the load_to_fb argument targeting the other frame buffer. This will allow you to make image copies. I updated the firmware last year such that for every command that creates a new image can also target an image buffer to move an image there.

Doing things this way is a little more static as it requires you to plan out what buffers you need for things but works much better without fragmenting ram.

The heap for MicroPython is still in SRAM. The MicroPython heap isn’t really designed to get large but the frame buffer is. If we moved the MP heap to SDRAM we actually wouldn’t be able to make it very large.