Printout from find_rects()

I am using the find_rects() function on my H7 for my application, but I’ve noticed that it tends to print out one line quite often:

“uh oh, no preference for overlappingdetection”

It looks like it is detecting overlapping rectangles, which is fine, but I’d like it to not print that out for me. I googled and it looks like this is coming from AprilTags. Any way to make it not print out this message?


Weird, I thought I disabled all strings in the AprilTags code. It should print nothing.

Please create a bug tracker on GitHub.

Thanks, just did! Any idea when I can expect a fix if it’s something simple?

Next firmware release. But, you’d be better off to compile the firmware and fix it yourself. This is not a high pri issue to me.

Any chance this could be fixed for the next firmware release? There have been a couple released since I first posted this.

It’s kind of a pain to recompile the firmware on each release. Thanks.

Sure, I can get this fixed. Should just be as easy as commenting out some code.