photography turntable for training data

Collecting images to train a target (and noise) in Edge Impulse seems quite arduous. Anybody have experience in using a photography turntable to facilitate the taking of multiple images? A logical stepper motor task.

Is there a particular thing you are concerned about? What you want to do sound like it will work.

I was watching the very clear Digi-Key Youtube video on finding a particular LEGO block (target) It seems that there must be a better way of taking the pictures to identify the target than just randomly. From my understanding, you want to take a lot of pictures (ideally 100’s or 1000’s)) - please add or comment on my assumptions below

  1. at different angles
  2. in different light conditions
  3. different degrees of occlusion (not sure about this one)
  4. insert more thoughts here

If what I am trying to track is like a LEGO brick (a small, motionless unit that can be isolated ), it seems the photography turntable can be an asset.
Am I correct that if I built my own turntable, I can both code the control the motor of the turntable and the taking of the picture all from the OpenMV Cam H7+?

Yep, there’s not really a lot of risk in this. We have motor driver code and it works.