People & Face tracking Robot

Hi everyone,

I´m designing a robot which can interact with people that come into a room, the idea is to track their bodies until the face is detected. Once the face is into focus, just track the face. I think this camera is the perfect tool for this job.

1.- Is this possible? Is it possible to track human bodies that enter into a room? and then change to face tracking when detected?
2.- I read that face detection is only possible in grayscale, is this true? If so, I understand is only kind of a software adjustment right?

Thank you so much for whoever is able to help me short this out.

Kindest regards.


Hi, we don’t have the ability to track human bodies right now but we can do face detection via haar cascades. Both can be done in color.

Thank you very much for your early anser. I will set the body tracking aside then.

There are tensorflow projects for human detection and estimation. Isn’t there talk of running TF models on OpenMV? Is it true that we should be able to run essentially any model trained offline on an H7 (module storage constraints of course)?

Hi, I’ve been busy with emails everyday to work on the TF stuff. I completed the port but it’s not super awesome yet. Google is working on making their code better. I hope to have more time to work on it in the next week.

Great Information.Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: