OSError: Failed to init the MLX90640!

Hi, I wanted to congratulate you on your OpenMV, I tried to connect the Pimoroni MLX90640 sensor to an H7, using your IDE example, it gives me this error “OSError: Failed to init the MLX90640!” On the line "fir.init ( type = fir.FIR_MLX90640, refresh = 16) "but using i2c.scan () the sensor is well found on address 0x33, if it is possible to get help.
MicroPython v1.9.4-4553-gb4eccdfe3 on 2019-05-02; OPENMV4 with STM32H743
thank you

Hi, your post got lost in the forum noise. Is this still broken?

I just verified this works with the STM32H7. Are your I2C lines swapped?

I am having the same problem