openmv3 can be support SVM

Hello.Openmv3 can be support the SVM(Support vector machine) machine learning for human detection for walking .Thanks!

You can write code in C and link it into the system binary. Or you can write the code in Python. We don’t have any built-in functions to do that however.

Yes, this is why I implemented HoG but never got around to actually use it.

See Dalal and Triggs paper and this tutorial

Hello iabdalkader,pls when time the SVM function for human detection can be include?Thank you !

I’m really busy right now writing tests for OpenMV and updating MicroPython, so it’s going to take some time.

Has SVM been implemented in the meantime? Would like to use SVM for an application I am working on (not for human detection). Thanks.

It has not yet. If you’d like this feature community support would be helpful.