OpenMV with Raspberry pi zero

Hello, I am Erioluwa from Nigeria.
Let me firstly say that the OpenMV is quite an amazing tool and I am evangelist of it’s greatness in Nigeria!

I am currently working on a project and I have run out of time.
My project involves the use of Optical Character Recognition. I am aware of the fact that the OpenMV M7 cannot do OCR. Nonetheless, I still want to use it. I have figured that I can accomplish my project by connecting the OpenMV cam to the raspberry pi zero in order for all the OCR to be done in the pi on an image received from the OpenMV.

I am a newbie and as such, I do not know how to connect the OpenMV to the pi zero. More so, I do not know how to use the data transmission protocols (SPI/ I2C/ UART) to transfer an entire image from an OpenMV to the pi zero in a script on the pi.

  1. What transmission protocol is best for this use case?
  2. How do I connect the two of them physically to achieve this data transmission protocol?
  3. How do I program the OpenMV to capture the picture and send it to the raspberry pi zero in a python script that will run on the pi?
  4. Is there a better way to do this using the OpenMV and the pi?

I know sir Kwagyeman is not a fan of using the OpenMV as a “webcam” but I really need your HELP!!!
Thanks in advance.


Hi, it would be a lot easier to use Pi Camera. But, anyway, see this script here:

By the time I get the Pi Cam I ordered, it’ll be too late to submit my project.

I am a complete newbie (complete!!). What physical connections(USB, FTDI) do I need to make between the OpenMV and the pi before I can implement the Virtual Com Port code?

Thanks in advance for your response.


Just a USB cable to the camera.