Openmv with lepton 3.5

Hi there,

i noticed sometimes the lepton 3.5 closes its shutter and does not open it so i have the image with a closed shutter.

What can cause this?

Definitely not the code cause i tested with the simple lepton examples too.
Lepton temps goes up to 28-32C.

It’s the FFC process. It does this as the temperature rises.

Thanks for the reply.
I found that when ffc takes place “The entire FFC process takes less than a

In addition i noticed that when ffc takes place the hole code pause and waits the shutter to open again.

The problem here is that the shutter remains closed for long time ! I must wait for the next ffc to take place so to see if the shutter will open. The code runs smoothly when the shutter is closed and i can see the inspection with the shutter closed.

Don’t think this is normal…

How long does the shutter stay closed?

There’s not really a fix for this. It’s expected operation of the sensor.

It stays closed for minutes. I must wait for the next ffc to take place so too see if it will open .
This problem arises after some hours of oparation.

I was wandering if i use a rootine to bypass auto ffc and do it manually every a period of time would be better though.

I think i found a solution for this.
After reading carefully

Found that shutter may be close and wait till the reading temperature is in range of -10 to 80C.
“Lepton automatically prohibits the shutter from operating when it detects the temperature to be outside the
range -10°C to +80°C4” page 21

So i blame my cigarettes.

ps. nope it still does it unfortunatelly despite i quit smoking :slight_smile:

ok i thing i figured this out.
After a lot of troubleshooting i desided to look closely in the shutter assembly.
I pop that out really carefully and i put it under a microscope camera.
Then i realized that a little dirt got stucked on the shutter way.

Removed it and put it back to the sensor.
Till then the shutter works like a charm.

Wondering if there are somewhere the shutter assemblys though…