OpenMV H7 R2 powering from VIN but using USB

Hi again! It is for power saving yes, but I need it to be completely off as even 10mA is too high for what I need.

yes 10ma is to high but i dont think that this is power consuption.
did yoy try it? did you measure it? did you check these too:

So using machine.sleep(), the power consumption is 25mA measured. Using machine.sleep() and sensor.sleep(True) it goes down to 6mA which might be acceptable, but then I can’t wake up the sensor again.

there are more you can do like deepsleep and wake via external interrupt.
check manual…

Yes, I got it down to 6mA which might be OK, but now sleep disables USB and when I wake-up I can no longer transmit data by USB. Any ideas?

you can add some lines to check if there is a usb connection and then send data.