OpenMV Cam2 IR filter

Hi does the OpenMV Cam2 has an IR filter on the lens? Is it possible to remove it?

It depends on the lens you have. The standard lens that ships with the cam has an IR filter, and yes you can remove it if you want or you could buy and IR lens here: IR Lens | OpenMV

Hi I think my camera doesn’t have an IR filter because with a test I did with the IR ToF sensor on my mobile phone the light flare covered the screen as you can see in the attached screenshot. So I think this is as good as I can get for IR LED tracking am I correct?

Hi, you can get better image quality by controlling the exposure. It looks like auto gain is mainly driving things there. Manually set the exposure of your camera to some amount of time. This will raise the contrast. Also, turn off auto gain.

Hi thanks for the reply you are correct I was running the autogain example. My question was mainly if the lense has an ir filter and with this image I think it’s clear it doesn’t since the LED is not visible with my eyes but very bright with the camera am I correct?

Yep, it doesn’t have a filter.

Perfect, thank you very much!

If you look at the back of the lens, you can see the filter (it’s square piece of red glass). I have an IR filter on my lens and I can still see my remote IR LED, the filter blocks some of IR not all of it (without a filter it will be much brighter). But you can track it then it’s fine I guess.