OpenMV Cam H7 OSerror: [Errno 22] EINVAL

I borrowed an H7 from my schools computer lab because it was going to be used in a robotics competition. After making a model and testing it I was going to try to connect it to the robot. However When I was doing so I deleted a file called on the device due to lack of attention. Now whenever I try to use it I get the error in the title. Does anyone know if this file comes preinstalled or if it would be from another student, and if it is preinstalled where I could get a copy?

Edit: After more trying to get it to work, it only fails when it tries to recognize an object, which is what I’m currently using the model for.

Hi, the script is the program the device runs. If you delete that it just does nothing.

As for your particular error, not sure what the issue is. I’d need more context on what you are doing and the code.

Thank you, however I have figured out the problem now.

Have a nice day.

Also, how do I close this topic?

It’s a forum post. So, just mark it resolved and possibly post how you solved your problem for others if you think there’s something to share.

Turns out the problem was from trying to write to a text file.