Openmv cam h7 and bluetooth module HC-06 _ UART communication problem

Hello Someone,
I am connecting bluetooth module (HC - 06) to my openmv cam h7 board, and write the following code to communicate the openmv cam data to my smart mobile phone. Openmv cam board received the commands from the mobile but while send data form the openmv cam module to mobile its not commicated. Any one please help me to solve my issue. I posted the code below

import time
#import stdin
#import stdout
import pyb
from pyb import UART
from pyb import LED

red_led   = LED(1)
uart = UART(3,9600)
uart.init(9600, bits=8, parity=None, stop=1, timeout_char=1000)

while True:
    if (uart.any() > 0):
        ch = uart.readchar()
    uart.write("Hello from openmv cam!\n")
    #print(("Hello \n"))

Did you check the wiring ? How do you connect the camera to the module ? Note you need a common ground (GND → GND). Also doesn’t that module use AT commands ?

Hi, uart.writechar(ch) would send back to whatever uart you have. However, the problem is likely not in your code.

Thanks your reply it is very useful to me now it is working just tx line is not properly connected to the Bluetooth module

Thank you very much for your reply, it is working now