Only 1 PWM pin on portenta h7?

Hi, I am currently using a portenta H7 with a ASX00021 Portenta Vision Shield. I read that only PWM7 is avaliable on the portenta while the vision shield is attached but it depends on the specific vision shield. Is there a way someone can check if any other PWM pins are available for my scenario? I need 3 different servos to be active instead of just the 1 available

Hi, I recommend to look at the schematic and see which PWM pins are unused.

Are both the adruino portenta examples of “Servo_control” and “PWM_control” applicable to the portenta h7 with the vision shield? I know servo_control has the ability to use multiple servos associated with differnet pins but the PWM_control states to only use PWM7 when the vision shield is attached

I have no issues using the 3 different servo motors on the arduino IDE with the vision shield attached but I would like to know why only 1 would be available using openMV IDE

As long as it’s not conflicting with the pins on the shield then it’s fine.

Note that you can control whatever PWM objects you like from the machine module. However, it they are conflicting with pins on the shield then that will cause problems.

Use the machine module to create the PWM channels for the pins you want to control. However, we may not have specified the pins as controllable. You are the first person to ask.

I have tested and found that multiple PWM pins work for me, thank you for the fast assistance!

Because they are all connected to other signals on the vision shield, with Lora and/or a different sensor.

PWM.2 and IRQ are connected to Lora module and the rest are connected to Himax HM0360/HM01b0

That is strange because I am able to make 3 different PWMs work…? Not sure what is happening internally but I am able to control 3 seperate servo motors

You may have the shield that doesn’t have the Lora module, if it does, you shouldn’t use those pins as PWM.

This is my model of vision shield which does not have the Lora Module according to How do I figure out which PWM pins I can use then?

If the PWM signals are not connected to anything it should be safe to use them, you can see which pins are used in the datasheet.