Newbie on OpenMV

Hello there,

I have an OpenMV Cam M4 V2. Since I’m a complete newbie on this, I have a project that I would like to ask, about reading QR Codes.
Can the M4 V2 read QR Codes? I’ve read that on the M4 OpenMV Cam it’s going to be limited to detection resolutions less than or equal to 160x120.
Basically I need to read text on the QR Codes then actuate a servo depending on the QR Code read. Like if the QR Code detected says “left”, a servo will turn around 45 degrees to the left, is my project possible?

I also would like to know if streaming video or uploading a snapshot taken by OpenMV can possibly be directly uploaded into a local server?

Also I have run into an error when trying QR Codes in examples. AttributeError: ‘Image’ object has no attribute ‘find_qrcodes’. How can I fix this?

QR Code decoding might have been removed in more recent firmware updates for the M4. We’ve run out of flash.

And yes, you can upload snapshots taken to a local server.

Um, can you get your hands on an M7 board? Continuing with the M4 is somewhat of a waste of your time.

Thank you for the fast response! Now that’s a bummer for the M4 but thanks for the info. I’ll try to get an M7 board soon.

By the way, are there any tutorials on uploading snapshots on local server? I would like to know if there are. Thanks again.

We have an mjpeg steamer example. We only have stuff for giving you a jpeg byte stream, you have to provide the rest of the code to take that jpeg byte stream and do something with it.

I see, I just looked up into the list of examples and found it.

Last question, does the mjpeg streamer still works with the M4?
I’m guessing Feature Detection like find_circles, find_rects, etc. doesn’t work too with the M4 since I’m getting an “AttributeError” like the QR Codes. Can you confirm?

If yes, I think I need to get hold of an M7 sooner than expected then.

Yeah, I think the streamer still works on the M4.