new pixel value calculation

I want to operate (sub, add etc.) on pixel values.
what should I import.
for Arithmetic instructions

Hi, please see the docs for get_pixel() and set_pixel().

It was something else I wanted to do. but I did

will you develop gesture control application

Can we use openMV to commercialize and develop applications

can someone else take our software from openMV?

is there a way to prevent it?

Right now we don’t have copy protection enabled. But, we’ll be able to do this in the future. Since we’ve been getting a lot of request about things like this we’re focusing on making the ecosystem better than computer vision algorithms right now.

For copy protection we have two modes possible:

  1. We’re going to enable frozen mpy support so that you can make your script into a binary object. This is the most flexible mode and just prevents others from reading the code easily. It does not prevent them from copying the code however.

  2. We’ll enable via the IDE and/or in MicroPython to turn on the STM32’s read protection flags for flash. After doing this the device’s flash will not be readable without a full erase. I’m not exactly sure how this mode will work… though.

Anyway, we’ll be able to hit making mode 1 work soon. Mode 2 requires use to think a little bit about things since it changes how you interact with the system.