Nano RP2040 Connect Micropython Timers

Dear all,

I am trying to build a very simple code to swith ON and OFF the led based on a timer interrupt with VisualMS.
I have it working with the blinking example shown on the OpenMS examples folder, but when trying to set up the same functionality with a machine.Timer, with this definition:

callback_timer = Timer(period = 500, mode=Timer.PERIODIC, callback=toggle_led(0))

The timer just enters into toggle_led once, like Timer.ONE_SHOT

Can you help me to do it periodic? or someone knows if this is enabled with Nano Connect RP2040.

I am following this quickref Quick reference for the RP2 — MicroPython 1.19.1 documentation since it is not a specific one for Arduino boards

How did you load the firmware? With our IDE?

With the OpenMV tool

Can you try the same code with MicroPython firmware here:

If it works, I will look into it, if not you should post on MicroPython github discussions or report an issue there, or find code that works for rp2 port.