my own cascade

Here is my Error When i run my own cascade convert by
unaligned read buf:10004fd6 count3
width:24 height:24 n_stages:25 n_features:2913 n_rectangles:6383
width:20 height:20 n_stages:24 n_features:1066 n_rectangles:1934

i hope you help me
best regards

Seems you’re on a very old firmware, please update the firmware first.

My Camera version is Oenmv2 F427 can update firmware?

Yes we will be releasing a new firmware for M4 soon.

can you tell me where to dowload firmware? Thanks!

Tanks very much ! Update the firmware solve the error "unaligned read buf:10004fd6 count3 ";

but i use the haarcascade_eye.xml which is from openmv-2.5\usr\data\haar download from website to train .cascade file .When code run here occur stop .

i need your help!

here is haarcascade_eye.xml file.
haarcascade_eye.xml (492 KB)